Ecommerce Account Manager

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Headquarters: Colton, CA
Marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, and Walmart

We are a fast growing E Commerce Martial arts Supply company that has been in business for 15 years. We are currently selling on 7 different platforms like Amazon, Yahoo, Walmart, Ebay, Amazon Canada and Amazon Mexico. I have hoping to find someone who has someone who has some experience in this field. Excel and photo shop is definitely a plus. I am looking for a talented Individual who is looking for a permanent position with unlimited growth potential. This is your chance to join a successful ecommerce store from the ground floor. The person who is picked for this position will be joining our company at a most opportunistic time. If you are the right individual, this may be a huge opportunity for you.

The pay will start at $13.00 dollars while you training. Once the training period is over, we will raise the pay to $3000 a month Salary. If you are a superstar and you prove to be an asset to the company and make yourself indispensable, I would have no problems raising the salary to 50k the first year.

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If you think is may be the right fit for you, please email or fax your Resume to Jim using the email or fax Fax: (714) 676 -7835